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Personal gym trainer Kaveer singh, gym trainer, boxing coach; when he was in 9th class his friends used to tease him about his lean body, then. He decided  to become the most powerful and promised himself to attain the best physical body. He joined a gym but after two months, he did not have much time for the gym but continued playing volley ball and other games, for fitness. After he completed his 12th he again joined gym at Dehradun. Kaveer’s Farther saw his passion and took him to Mr. K. N. Sharma Ji (Head of body temple) a place where body builder get ready. And take certificate with good performance, he always learn everything everyone. After getting certificate Kaveer started his career in few gyms at Dehradun. Kaveer always want him to stand by his own so he decided to move another city, as we know everyone faced problem in new place same as with he don’t know anyone no one is with him. Kaveer started struggling for seeking job and then he got job. He started with very salary but he always be on time and having good habit, opportunities calls him. F & F gym (east Delhi) he work there one year after he started doing work with his friend. .He believe in natural diet, kaveer never take steroids in his life.

As we talk about his love life, he fell in love with a beautiful girl. They had 4 months relationship girl is client of Mr. Kaveer in that he suffered a lot like a big accident , her mother on bed but he can’t go to meet them, his girlfriend left him as bad passed he proofed everyone.

Let’s talk about kaveer’s diet plan

as we know he lives alone so he wake up early morning 5-6 he prepare his meal he take dry fruits and 2 slice bread with one scoop and his job is full time standing so he have to take boil egg/ poha/ sproutsrts/ fruits. and then pre lunch meal brown rice/ salad then lunch he eat boiled chicken/ chicken breast/ fish and after post meal he took paneer/broccoli/ white eggs. In dinner roasted chicken/fish with busy schedulehe he can’t sleep more than 5 hours

A human is working several roles there is no diet plan if I say take 5 meal or 6 meal Its difficult for you. We have natural meal Breakfast, lunch and dinner you just maintain your meal, just check you are talking good amount of protein, average amount of carbohydrate and low amount healthy fat. Early morning take warn water with lemon /green coffee, always remember you take healthy breakfast you can eat homemade dal with pressed try to make it with olive oil and brown rice with salad, in evening you can black coffee or green tea. Never eat dinner after 8 in dinner you can take protein. Daily give one hour to exercise if you follow this you feel good. – kaveer

Here are five characteristics of personal gym trainer kaveer singh

1. Persistence and Honesty.

This ought to be the main quality you search for in a fitness coach. As the banality goes, accomplishing your wellness objective won’t occur incidentally. Persistence is the way in to a decent customer mentor relationship.

Your Personal gym Trainer ought to comprehend that you will have numerous inquiries and explanations you should ask them, and not take it against you. They ought not likewise need to get results, since what works for one customer may not work for another. Your fitness coach ought to do an appraisal of your body, just as take in thought your needs, needs, confinements and so forth.

Coaches ought to likewise be honest, straightforward and fair to their customers regardless. They ought not give you bogus guarantees and expectations, yet promise you that they will be with you consistently.

2. Incredible Communication Skills.

Your coach ought to be an extraordinary communicator, particularly when they talk about the specialized piece of working out you should know. They ought to have the option to disclose to you the ramifications of your sustenance, exercise and by and large how the body functions logically.

During sessions which they can’t be physically with you inside the rec center, they ought to have the option to disclose things to you on the telephone and give clear directions how to do certain moves without physically being available through each exercise.

Since correspondence is a two way road, they ought to likewise empower input from you and attempt their best to make you feel great enough to state your legitimate musings, regardless of whether you’re making some hard memories or when you feel like there’s no improvement.

3. Polished skill

Regardless of the relationship you’re developing with them, they are as yet carrying out their responsibility. You can become a close acquaintence with your personal gym trainer, however a specific degree of polished methodology should even now be clear for the both of you.

This would imply that sessions ought not be undermined by long stretches of narrating or, schedules made simpler in light of the fact that the both of you became companions. Simultaneously, there ought to be decency with regards to expenses and charges. The term of your instructional meeting, the area and the experience level of your fitness coach will direct the expense of your session.

4. Instructed and Well-prepared.

Since there is nothing all the more persuading that an individual will work admirably beside their resume and qualifications, it is significant that you set aside effort to peruse and comprehend their believability dependent on their instruction and preparing.

In Australia, hopeful mentors should think about in a full course and breeze through important qualifying assessments and accreditation. Most spread exercise physiology, preparing and practice strategies, nourishment, utilitarian life systems of the body and weight the executives.

Notwithstanding accreditation, incredible fitness coaches accept it as a moral duty to keep awake to-date with the most recent wellness patterns and new research distributed in logical diaries and proceed with endeavors of developing themselves—physically and rationally.

5. Extraordinary Personality

As a customer, you need to feel great and trust that your personal gym trainer has your wellbeing at the top of the priority list. In all honesty, fitness coaches are one of only a handful not many individuals that will see you at your absolute bottom, during the occasions you look your most noticeably awful and you should feel alright with it.

Like a companion, they ought to comprehend and prepared to tune in and bargain. And yet, as a mentor, they should adhere to their standards and not let you slack off your exercise routine and program.

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